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Ian is a successful entrepreneur with global commercial experience across industries. He has taken various early stage science and technology projects and new business model projects and created successful businesses.

Ian is passionate about helping people discover and pursue new commercial opportunities and creating a step-change. Ian does this by using frameworks to create a plan to enable the projects to come to life, while de-risking and becoming investor-ready.

A scientific approach

Ian’s career has included working as an engineer in avionics and holding various roles at management and director level in chemicals, medical and manufacturing. This has informed his scientific approach to business and his interest in product development, and provided opportunities to work with complex, technical businesses. Along with David Ireland, Ian is currently the co-designer and co-facilitator for CSIRO’s ON Accelerate and ON Prime programs, supporting scientists and researchers around Australia to use frameworks to enable their projects to come to life.

Solid business experience

Ian’s experience in various organisations around the globe spans research and development, operations, marketing, sales and corporate consulting, and he has established several successful businesses of his own. Ian’s regular work with MBA students and graduates allows him to work with business people wanting to do something different but who don’t always have a core tech or sustainable competitive advantage strategy in place.

Ian is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD, he is an MBA graduate, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a professional Non-Executive Director. Ian is currently Chairman of InterGrain, REX Ortho, Omni Innovation and Perth Angels.

Ian’s Story

Ian is a Melbourne boy who sold his first business to a Swedish company and moved to Gothenburg, Sweden in 1997. He then moved to Milan, Italy, before heading back to Melbourne in 2001. Ian worked on a major project in Singapore 2001 – 2007, then in 2009 he moved to London and eventually to Perth.

Ian always says he planned to move to Western Australia before he met his wife, Desley Britten (originally from WA), in 1996, and before they moved around the world together. When Ian moved to Perth, he wanted to do something to help young indigenous and non-indigenous people. From 2012 to 2015, Ian was a NED on the board of Waardi and from 2014 to 2015 was founding Chairman of Morrgul. Ian is very proud of the friends he made during that time and what the team achieved for the TOs and the Kimberley. Morrgul has had a great impact for indigenous people throughout the Kimberley.

More recently, in Perth, Ian is working with Katina Law and Andy Lamb to develop iHive and support Indigenous Professional Services (IPS). Quietly, in the background, Ian helped IPS win and deliver the Landgate IP Strategy review contract. The team is now focusing on development of iHive – a Perth based company building a series of Indigenous business hubs in Western Australia, and around Australia, to build indigenous businesses and promote economic engagement.

Much of Ian’s time these days is focused on helping young entrepreneurs sharpen and de-risk their plans and fund and build their start-up businesses. Ian is passionate about building a larger community of Angel Investors to support these young entrepreneurs.

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