Over the past few months I’ve been having an amazing time embedded in CSIRO’s ON Accelerate program, the pre-eminent science and technology accelerator in Australia, involving 30 universities and other groups and departments across the country.


As one of the national program’s two facilitators, together with my colleague David Ireland, I have travelled around Australia’s cities with the 10 finalist teams to deliver a 13-week series of workshops to them and expose them to top experts in IP portfolio development, finance and financing, team structure and development, and pitch development and skills. These teams of scientific researchers were chosen from some 40 entrants and have been working through the ON Prime program and then the ON Accelerate program to develop their research into marketable products to address the needs of customer segments in the community. For example, Genics has developed a new pest detection system that cuts cost and time delays for Australian prawn farmers; Diffuse Energy has produced a small wind turbine with nearly twice the power output of existing same-sized wind turbines, and Noisy Guts is using the natural noise of guts for health screening.


For these scientists, the program and upcoming showcase of their journey at the Demo Night on the 19thApril represent an exciting time for their research.


For me personally, working with David in designing and leading every workshop in the ON Accelerate program, it has been a personally rewarding journey to see our models and delivery methods in action and spending time refining them to provide participants with maximum value. It’s been fantastic to see the scientist teams develop their entrepreneurial skills, learn about product-market fit and develop business models to take their technology to market-readiness.


The invitation-only Demo event will be live-streamed and you can access the video link or find out more about participating teams.