We believe in backing clever people
to do amazing things!



We believe in backing new entrepreneurs!

Expert guidance to discover and pursue new opportunities.

”I’m thinking of branching out with my new idea, but I’m not sure….”

“I haven’t got an idea yet, but I know I want to become an entrepreneur…”

For career executives who have hit a glass ceiling or are feeling ready for a change, trying out a new commercial opportunity can be daunting. We can help answer many questions such as:
– How do you find the right idea and get started? How do you acquire tech?
– How do you build the right relationships and attract investment?
– How do you de-risk the project?
– …and much more

We can translate your ideas into investor-speak, so that you are ready when investors ask you:
– What’s the value proposition?
– What’s the market opportunity?
– Where’s your proof of concept?
– What is your price point?
– What’s your exit plan?

Work with us to pursue new opportunities

Personalised, flexible and fluid, one-on-one mentoring and coaching with commercialisation expert Ian Brown will ensure you are working with a trusted advisor to bridge the gap from here to there, and get you to the stage where your potential investors have a clear vision of the opportunity.


The decision to pursue your entrepreneurial passion can be daunting, but at the same time it is exciting. It can be the best decision you ever make.
However, you need to make sure you have as much support around you as possible.
There are many things to consider; project focus, project validation, project team, funding and much more.
Our task is to mentor or coach and guide you through the journey; to help you to mitigate risk. and to leverage our combined networks to make each project (and you) successful.

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After all the research and development work is done, commercialising a new product requires a focused effort.
Our task is to assist in developing and implementing a focused, flexible and dynamic business plan in order to commercialise your new product.
Once the business plan is underway we can advise on potential equity fund raising and grant funding strategies. We can also assist you to prepare for equity fund raising, prepare for the application for grant funding and accelerate

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Business Development

Building a strategy to capture a market
opportunity and to leverage and build a sustainable competitive advantage is not easy. Developing the right value proposition for the right customer segment is critical. Creating a solid execution plan with financial budgets, including milestones based on executable elements, takes a lot of time and effort.
Our task is to assist in developing and implementing a solid strategy that delivers on the market opportunity and leverages and builds a sustainable competitive advantage for your company and for your investors.

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We believe in re-engineering existing product lines and re-energising businesses!

The world we live in today requires you to think differently in business.

Don’t be disrupted by an entrepreneur with a new gadget or a new business model that you haven’t thought about!

You already have an established brand. Now there’s potential to become the entrepreneurial leader in your products, categories or markets… OR in new products, categories or markets.

Be part of the disruption…

You can be a ‘startup’ anytime you want within your business! It’s about thinking differently. We will show you how to do this with new models you can implement to ensure that you not only survive, but thrive.

Work with us to re-engineer your existing product lines or
re-energise your business

Commercialisation expert Ian Brown’s methodology involves obtaining a deeper knowledge of what your customer wants, not what you think they want – to create a more innovative product pipeline… this is how start-ups think! Think differently from every other business and think differently from your competitors.

Innovation Workshop for

Innovate with new products, or new business models, to take new markets.
Innovate to set the price.
Our task is to deliver workshops to guide you and your team through the journey to develop:
– New customer discovery linked with product development strategy
– New business model design and Implementation strategy
– …and much more

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Development Workshop for Businesses

Encourage a start-up mindset and disruptive thinking in your business.
Our task is to deliver workshops to guide you and your team through the journey to develop entrepreneurs within your team by developing:
– Customer problem/solution fit
– Market validation strategy
– Early adopter attraction
– Implementation plans
– …and much more

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Corporate Entrepreneurship Program

Corporate entrepreneurship can open up opportunities for corporations to create and capture significant value.
 Our Startup Course, developed by, and delivered in collaboration with, INSEAD Professors, helps corporations engage their executive teams to think like entrepreneurs and to re-imagine and innovate their businesses to create and capture new opportunities.

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Meet the Team

We are a small trusted team that delivers.

Ian Brown

Mentor, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant.
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Ian is a successful entrepreneur with global commercial experience across industries. He is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD, a facilitator of the CSIRO ON Accelerate Program, and he consults to universities, research institutes and companies in all aspects of entrepreneurship, commercialisation and business development. Ian has lived and worked in London, Milan, Gothenburg, Melbourne and Perth and has worked on significant projects in the USA, Asia and Japan.

Ian is passionate about helping people discover and pursue new commercial opportunities and creating a step-change. He does this by using frameworks to create a plan to enable the projects to come to life, while de-risking and becoming investor-ready.

Desley Britten

Researcher, Writer, Editor & Consultant.
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Desley has experience in sectors such as Medical Diagnostics and Screening, Health Supplement and Probiotic Products, Mining and Engineering Investments and Agricultural Investments. She also has experience in writing government grant applications.

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