Ian brings years of experience and best practice theory to coaching and mentoring. He helps you get to where you want to be the fastest and most efficient way possible.



Ian is a successful entrepreneur with global commercial experience across industries. He has taken various early stage science and technology projects and new business model projects and created successful businesses.

Ian is passionate about helping people discover and pursue new commercial opportunities and creating a step-change. Ian does this by using frameworks to create a plan to enable the projects to come to life, while de-risking and becoming investor-ready.

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Perhaps Ian’s biggest strength is his networks and that he was able to set us up with valuable contacts for investment and partnerships.


As an investor himself you feel like you’re getting the inside knowledge from a true professional.


Easy to trust as a pilot to guide you through both the short and long steps of the journey.


Ian offers his clients expert guidance to discover and pursue new opportunities.

The decision to pursue your entrepreneurial passion can be daunting, but at the same time it is exciting. It can be the best decision you ever make.

However, you need to make sure you have as much support around you as possible.

There are many things to consider: project focus, project validation, business structure, mitigating risk, creating a team, developing the right networks, securing funding, acquiring tech, and much more.

Ian’s passion is mentoring existing entrepreneurs and coaching new entrepreneurs to guide them through the journey from initial idea to successful commercialisation.

Wearing his investor-hat, Ian uses his experience on the other side of the table to prepare you for these conversations. He translates ideas into investor-speak, so that you are ready when investors ask you:

  • What’s the value proposition?
  • How have you validated problem/solution fit?
  • What’s the market opportunity?
  • What’s your sustainable competitive advantage?
  • What are your growth steps?
  • What are your inflection points?
  • What’s your exit plan?

Managing risk and maximising opportunities

With a background in science and engineering combined with extensive and varied global business experience, Ian has developed an approach to the commercialisation process that is marked by scientific method, structured step-change, and managing risk. He uses a customer-centric lens to develop a deep understanding of the customer and their language, to be able to create and commercialise something they really want and thereby minimising risk. His established frameworks develop successful products and businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Risk management

Ian’s approach

Ian will assist in develop the right value proposition and create a solid execution plan with financial budgets and milestones based on executable elements, building a strategy to capture and move on a market opportunity. Once the business plan is underway Ian can advise on potential equity fund raising and grant funding strategies.

Work with Ian to pursue new opportunities

Personalised, flexible and fluid, one-on-one mentoring for existing entrepreneurs and coaching for new entrepreneurs will ensure you are working with a trusted advisor in commercialisation and external sounding-board for ideas and challenges.

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Commercialisation expert Ian Brown’s methodology involves obtaining a deeper knowledge of what your customer wants, not what you think they want – to create a more innovative product pipeline.

Ian has designed and facilitated various workshops for large organisations and universities around the world. This includes workshops on innovation for businesses, and corporate and individual entrepreneurship.

Innovation Workshop

Innovate with new products, or new business models, to take new markets. Innovate to set the price.
Workshops to guide you and your team through the journey to develop:
– New customer discovery linked with product development strategy
– New business model design and implementation strategy

Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

Encourage a start-up mindset and disruptive thinking in your business or for yourself.
Workshops to guide you and your team through the journey to develop entrepreneurs within your team by developing:
– Customer problem/solution fit
– Market validation strategy
– Early adopter attraction
– Implementation plans

Supportive when we need it, pushes us when we need it.


Asks the important questions.


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Ian Brown is a thought leader in building investor potential in Australia to help good entrepreneurs succeed. Not just a theorist, he shares real business experience and continually helps start up new companies and raise money for projects. An evangelist for angel investing in Australia, he is supporting the growth of entrepreneurship by educating entrepreneurs and investors alike and encouraging early-stage investment opportunities in a rapidly changing business environment.
Ian can speak on a variety of innovation topics for corporate and entrepreneurial audiences. Topics include:

  • Governance, Leadership
  • Innovation, Commercialisation
  • Risk Management Governance, Risk Management
  • M&A Deal Initiation, M&A Deal Negotiation, M&A post-Deal Integration

Shares real experience – not a theorist!

Thought leader in building investor potential in Australia to help good entrepreneurs succeed.

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Ian’s past presentations include:

  • AICD Perth Directors Download 10th September 2018
  • BioDesign Commercialisation talk 9th October 2018
  • INSEAD EiR Lean Design Thinking talk 22nd February 2019
  • AICD Canberra Directors Download 7th March 2019
  • MC Perth Angel Investors annual breakfast 26th June 2019
  • AICD National Lean Design Thinking Webinar 31st July 2019
Australian Institute of Company Directors
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Ian shares key points from his workshops and observations from various projects in innovation and commercialisation..

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